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Resonant Spring Beds

harmonicly resonating beds as Singularity ramp
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If everyone in an apartment building had resonating spring beds, and I mean like really resonating, like a hammock but you know attached to the floor by bouncy metal, or i guess you could try a couple of different bouncinesses out to see what worked, but if everyone in an apartment building had these beds, when they went to sleep their natural body rhythms would make the beds resonate harmonically with all the other beds in the building and eventually either the building would fall down or the bigger system, the earth, would start to harmonically resonate and then we could all vibrate together into a giant world orgasm. So it would be like a ramp up to making everyone sympathetically resonate. Maybe you could have the whole building on a bouncy piece of metal too, so that it didn't fall down. Or maybe you would have to build lots of buildings like this.
JesusHChrist, Mar 01 2009

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, http://www.scienced...edb20f8c24e6423e37b
I wonder where the good vibes is? [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 01 2009]


       but the next morning, hash out of your system, you realize that the idea was complete gibberish, swearing to yourself never to post while high again, no matter how earth shattering the idea seems in your state of expanded consciousness.
WcW, Mar 01 2009

       I don't think I want to sympathetically resonate with some of my neighbors
saprolite, Mar 01 2009


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