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Religion with Complexity

The nos are just complex useful nos with benefits.
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In my simple view of religion it is a social mechanism to make people work and live together to make something more, something more complex. It is totally valid and we are here now because of it.

No's are quite simple and in the past have served well but killing something, banning or ridding something out of sight and out of mind is quite shortsighted.

So where do we go now.

Religions couldn't predict the technological advances and the social change those 'advances' make. What about a religion that pedestals complexity? Makes incorporating the conflicting x into the society for the benefit of all. It is sort of webbing everything so it has a valid beneficial place. An interneting of all and all for the universal complexity.

Of course 'Hue'manity is messy so although idealistic, this will always be only a framework to work by. Religions of today would have to adjust their works by complexing up of their teachings and beneficialising their nos.

Of course, each no problem is going to get exponentially more problematic as it it added to the complex. It will take people with large minds and hopefully some quantum computing. Sorry starting to sound Borgish now.

There will always be free will and complexity is going to happen anyway so it is probably better to ride it beneficially.

wjt, Jan 06 2018


       I think I understood this up until "Makes incorporating...".   

       [ ] pending clarification.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 06 2018

       There's a general problem with proposing any religion as a means to an end, viz., sooner or later people will notice that you're doing it, and make some ontological economies.
pertinax, Jan 06 2018

       [Max] it's all about walls and fences. The true God, the complexity of all, has no fences. Incorporating the next fence in the personal view means you can see a bigger panorama.   

       But this made me wonder if 'God' gave away free will, can the universal entity still see all? Can we produce strangeness even God doesn't see over the fence?   

       [pertinax] No personal attempt at ends. Unless my subconscious knows something I don't.
wjt, Jan 09 2018

       Don't worry about your subconscious, [wjt]. There's no such thing as the subconscious mind. There are, of course, unconscious processes which influence, and perhaps control, our conscious thoughts, but thinking of these processes as a mind is a Bad Idea.   

       Meanwhile, regarding ends, I thought you were proposing a religion of complexity as a means to the end of keeping up with a particular conception of where society is going. Is that not what you're proposing?
pertinax, Jan 09 2018

       Isn't the trinity analogous to a 3-body problem, and (if so) by extension, a concrete example of religious complexity?
zen_tom, Jan 09 2018

       [zen_tom] Yes but analogy usually rests on detail. There's no limit to complexity. Eventually we will get complex enough to make physical, some mind tool to solve the three body problem. I don't think it will also resolve the trinity.   

       [pertinax] Well a religion with gaining complexity, in whatever form, that doesn't flame out, reverting back to next to no complexity. Probably just a religion codifying life trying to survive, really. An overview rather than a forced path.   

       So ultimately no personal gain that can be identified, other than the glowing idea humanity can and will spread throughout the 'God', complexity willing.
wjt, Jan 09 2018

       Yes, imaginary numbers might just be what religion is composed of.   

       Lessee... if God is imaginary, i. Jesus is human + imaginary, 1+i, the Holy Spirit is imaginary also. i*i*(1+i) = -1-i. Something about those negative signs seems satanic. Must be a different equation required. Bitcoin mining perhaps?
RayfordSteele, Jan 09 2018

       //no personal gain//   

       Ah, I think I see the source of the confusion here; you're reading "end" as "selfish end", whereas I intended it to refer to any desideratum, whether selfish or not.
pertinax, Jan 10 2018

       11. Thou shalt not create paradoxes by travelling back in time and killing your own grandfather. Note that Hitler didn't have any surviving kids; also, Pontius Pilate was a bit of a prick.
FlyingToaster, Jan 11 2018

       //desideratum// If I set up a system where I have no control then really I have no desideratum other than making my personal choices, like everyone with whatever they believe.   

       I could set a system that levers advantages for myself, above everyone's standard desideratum, but that would sort of be against the primary essence of all religions. With a set amount of resources, my gain is someone else's loss.
wjt, Mar 02 2018


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