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Resources Info in Titlebar

Know how much PC power Word or Internet-Explorer is using
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It would probably be useful for many to know how much PC power (resources) are being used by the different programs, WHILE LOOKING AT THEM.

This is much better than opening the task manager. Instead you can choose to show on each window titlebar (the top blue part) an icon showing if this program is now taking a lot of CPU, memory, IO, or internet bandwidth.

That way you quickly understand when some website you opened suddenly catches the CPU, on an advertisement that you don't realy care for, or when a certain Excel sheet you opened starts eating away memory, because it has too many lookup fields.

pashute, Apr 15 2008


       Good idea. It would be nice if you could also control the resources the program is using from the title bar.
marklar, Apr 15 2008

       It's funny how often I read ideas in the Computer section and think, "What? My computer already does that."   

BunsenHoneydew, Apr 15 2008

       I agree with the idea, but i can imagine that very feature needlessly gobbling up resources, as usually seems to be the case.
nineteenthly, Apr 15 2008


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