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Restaurant theme park queue system

burn off some calories before you eat and then after
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"nutritionists calculated the Big Mac Meal, which includes fries and milkshake, packs 1,411 calories — requiring 9œ miles to burn"

Create a restaurant that has a themepark style queing system that just happens to be 5 miles long that will put you in calorie credit, All along the journey into it you are tempted by the prospect of the buger that is lurking just around the next corner. After eating, the journey out follows the path and burns up the rest of the calories you just consumed.

In fancier restaurants the food can be ordered at the entrance. At a distance of 2.5 miles you have a rest point that you can consume your starter before venturing on to the main seating area where by the time you get there your food is ready for you... and more importantly you are ready for the food.

farker, Aug 03 2004


       Ahh..The Oprahtorium...I remember it well.
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 03 2004

       For AN URBAN LOCATION USE a 5 mile treadmill queue with sights, sounds, and music.   

       Julie walks with us, "The Hills Are Alive... "
popbottle, Oct 30 2015


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