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Restroom Restrainer

Or the Bog Belt if you prefer
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On a recent flight, I was overcome with that urgent desire, beloved by all frequent-flyer, pre-flight beer drinkers, for a pee. Unfortunately, turbulence prevented all visits so I had to hang on.

An obvious thought occurred to me. Why not fit seatbelts in the restrooms/ bathrooms/ bogs/ toilets? Combine this with some cabin-carabiners to facilitate safe passage and in-flight misery could be banished for ever.

I can hear the flight attendants now.

"The captain has turned on the seat belt signs but visits to the restrooms are still permitted if passengers use the carabiners to make their way to the facilities and use the seatbelt once installed. Gentlemen must ensure they use the facilities in a seated position at all times."

DenholmRicshaw, Mar 03 2007


       I think it's because nobody's invented the floatation toilet seat yet.   

       You may be on to something.   

       use a clothes peg. Of course I just tie a knot in Mine.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 04 2007

       And when the plane freefalls for a second when you're walking to the toilet.... with a full bladder...?
wagster, Mar 04 2007

       Walking to the toilet - I think not.   

       Safety is our watchword. We take freefalls in our stride. We climb in pairs; one belaying, one climbing. Equipment: we have the best. Crampons, anchors, ropes, complicated knots, inpenetrable jargon, Kendal Mint Cake... everything.   

       More strenous climbs need a bivouac, perhaps at aisle 50, to rest up in advance of the final push.
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 04 2007

       //to rest up in advance of the final push.// I thought you said you only needed a pee?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 04 2007


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