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Retractable Child Fence

Easily move child fences
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I was standing in line at a local movie theater and was struck by the simplicity of how fast they could change the line direction by just moving a couple seatbelt like devices from one stand to another. What would be wonderful is if I could take a couple of these home with me, set them up, maybe in a 3 tier system, so that the children could have half the living room to play in. Also, in my house I have a large doorway connecting my den with a hallway that goes to all the children’s rooms that none but the largest (and most expensive) of gates can traverse to block the little rug rats from getting through. The only problem I’ve come up with, with this system is the staging of the 3 tiers. I thought of a suction like device that would be connected to the retractable section and to the line itself. Now I just suction it up to the wall, stretch out the line and suction it to the opposite wall.
barnzenen, Jul 22 2003


       You have a retractable child?
DrCurry, Jul 22 2003

       Oddly enough....
barnzenen, Jul 22 2003


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