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Inverted Color Screen Default To Prevent Children From Enjoying Porn With Home Computer

Simply flip your color screen colors for a purpose.
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It would not work if this trick would be popular, neither would it work in all cases, cause there are simple computer programs that revert the picture color, but anyway, our eyes are not symetrically sensitive to all the colors, so even the advertisements that you see online, will have lesser effect on you, if you do this:

Linux (Ubuntu with Compiz) key combination: Super+M
Mac key combination: Control + Alt + Apple key + 8
Windows 7: reportedly can be done with "Magnifier" application (see link)
Windows XP : reportedly can be done with PowerStrip (see link)

Inyuki, Sep 18 2011

Windows 7 case... http://www.wikihow....Colors-on-Windows-7
[Inyuki, Sep 18 2011]

Windows XP case... http://downloads.gu...ownload.php?det=169
[Inyuki, Sep 18 2011]

Avatar inverted http://www.flickr.c...otostream/lightbox/
There you go, [Grogster]. [nineteenthly, Sep 18 2011]

Silver http://www.milkinth...e_man_080731_mn.jpg
[Voice, Sep 19 2011]

Violet Beauregarde http://fc00.deviant...ountVonZeppelin.jpg
This [nineteenthly, Sep 20 2011]


       This could be circumvented by searching for porn featuring either black or caucasian actors, as appropriate. The money shot would look strange, though.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 18 2011

       A real risk they'd acquire a taste for it.
mouseposture, Sep 18 2011

       // black or caucasian actors //   

       Most or all healthy humans look blue in colour-inverted images. Also, i'm pretty sure i would find images in either form equally arousing.
nineteenthly, Sep 18 2011

       Whereas those with severe congenital heart defects or sodium nitrate poisoning look healthy?
mouseposture, Sep 18 2011

       Sodium nitrate maybe, but cyanosis is quite a long way from being blue. I will fiddle.
nineteenthly, Sep 18 2011

       //humans look blue in colour-inverted images//   

       Hmmm. That makes Avatar a teaser-flick! (How curious; I'm breaking out in a sweat just thinking about the Navi girl **Neytiri [**edit. Thanks for that, [19th] --- now who the heck is Azurelle?] )   

       Smurfette, not so much...
Grogster, Sep 18 2011

       Rule 34 will take care of this one. Heaven for offend that some underage person got to see a nipple.
normzone, Sep 18 2011

       I'm probably going to spend hours tweaking photos now.
nineteenthly, Sep 18 2011

       //Rule 34// absolutely.
//for offend// sp. forfend
mouseposture, Sep 18 2011

       Thanks for the pedantry, [mouseposture], I sincerely appreciate it. I'd had it explained to me (pre-internet) as that was probably the origin of the phrase, but a search proves otherwise.   

       for·fend also fore·fend (fôr-fnd, fr-) tr.v. for·fend·ed also fore·fend·ed, for·fend·ing also fore·fend·ing, for·fends also fore·fends 1. a. To keep or ward off; avert. b. Archaic To forbid. 2. To defend or protect. [Middle English forfenden : for-, for- + fenden, to ward off; see fend.]
normzone, Sep 18 2011

       So, just Blue movies under another guise ... ?
8th of 7, Sep 18 2011

       And then you walk in and your kid is looking at porn in a Captain Kirk costume.
nomocrow, Sep 19 2011

       yep. just likely to boost sales of blue body paint in later life...
not_morrison_rm, Sep 19 2011

       I almost actually did this but I got sidetracked. Interesting stuff this porn.
rcarty, Sep 20 2011

       When I was about 13 or so (I'm 32 now, so this was pre- internet porn proliferation) I used to go over to my friend's house and we'd watch the scrambled porn channels for hours just to get that occasional blip when it showed a clear image for a fraction of a second. Somehow I don't think simply inverting the colors is going to spoil the curious kiddies' viewing experience all that much.
Alterother, Sep 20 2011

       They'll grow up with a weird fetish for inverted-skin-colour bodypaint.
hippo, Sep 20 2011

       Violet Beauregarde.
nineteenthly, Sep 20 2011

       I think the title is rather strange, but perhaps it depends on the definition of children, and at what age they would enjoy rather than watch.
Ling, Sep 20 2011


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