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Retractile Toothbrush Toothpaste Tube

A toothbrush pops out of the toothpaste tube when you squeeze.
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This toothpaste tube has a toothbrush inside. When you squeeze a toothbrush pops out covered in paste, and a stopper on the short shaft of the brush ceases the projection of brush and paste. The paste isn't applied in a neat cylinder on the bristles, but it does in the TV commercial. The entire tube is used to brush the teeth, and makes for quite an ergonomic handle. After use, rinse off brush head and push back inside tube for next usage. The toothpaste supply lasts for about as long as the brush bristles.
rcarty, Sep 28 2013

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       I cannot see any reason why this product should not be developed and marketed, other than the obvious sticky reason. [+]
Alterother, Sep 28 2013

       No problem then, go for it, throw me a free tube when it's all said and done.
rcarty, Sep 28 2013

       Well, if the toothbrush is mounted on a piston pushed by the paste, and the toothpaste comes out of a side tube that opens just above the bristles. And if the toothpaste is pushed by a second piston withthe correct linkage to the toothbrush piston, it could be arranged to create a perfect cylinder of toothpaste every time. Also it might be less messy since there won't be paste squeezing out around the shaft before the stopper is seated.
scad mientist, Oct 04 2013

       Well then in that design the brush can be a pump for the paste, and pumping it under the nozzle releases paste. Much simpler is to pull the brush head out like a dipstick, or squeeze it out which seems messier, then turn it to lock it, or keep squeazing tube tight to create back pressure oon the rubber stopper. The dipstick should dispense a measured amount each time. Even keeping the toothbrush head extended when not in use is okay, but inserting it entirely is possible aswell. Or alternatively the brush head never completely enters inside, and the dipstick method of dispensing is used.
rcarty, Oct 04 2013


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