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Retracting Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Drops from Ceiling
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There is a small room in the attic (or upper floor) called the Christmas tree room, where the Christmas tree lives for most of the year. The tree is attached to the roof timbers by a stout cable and winch, allowing it and a section of the floor below it to be lowered into its place in the relevant room, about ten days before Christmas.

After Christmas the tree is simply winched back into the Christmas tree room.

This way, the Christmas tree ceases to be something hastily concocted in response to infants' nagging and might become a work in progress that evolves organically over many years, albeit mainly due to things breaking off during the winching processes.

This obviously suggests an artificial tree. I'm still figuring out how to do a roof greenhouse containing a suspended tree-pot in which a live tree can grow...

Ned_Ludd, Dec 04 2007


       That's not tinsel, it's cobwebs.   

       That's not snow, it's dust.
phoenix, Dec 04 2007

       What happened to the popcorn garland? EWWW! Somebody call the exterminator!
Canuck, Dec 04 2007

       Better, surely, to have a pit dug in the floor with a lid of a suitable diameter. The tree is on a powered platform (electrical or hydraulic) and rises up into position at the touch of a button.   

       This would have a number of advantages:   

       i) When space was required for activity requiring more space, the tree could be quickly and safely stored, complete wit all connections.   

       ii) No modifications to ceilings etc.   

       iii) Presents could be placed round the base of the tree; when leaving the house, the tree is lowered, securing the items from the attentions of pets.   

       iv) The hole couls equally well serve as a wine store or a one person bomb shelter, if the occupant of the house is of an non-Christmassy disposition.
8th of 7, Dec 04 2007


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