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Ring Christmas Bells

Chiming baubles
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[At first sight, this idea may seem culturally insensitive, but it's really ecumenical at heart. Read on...]

I have a number of bells hanging on my Christmas tree. Some peal with crystal clarity, others just give a dull plastic think when tapped.

But I am inspired by the 14-member precision handbell orchestra we just watched on a Christmas special. As beautiful as it is, it seems an awful lot of effort to make music.

So, for next year, hang this set of 61 tuned crystal bells on your Christmas tree, Hanukkah bush, Kwanzaa sheaf of corn, or, um, Ramadan twig. With wireless hammers in each bauble connectng them to the central controller, the full set will peal out Christmas carols, psalms, Motown, ragas, or really any religious music to suit your cultural preferences. Or if you're agnostic, plug the jack into your iPod and listen to your personal playlist rendered in bells.

Available from Hammacher Schlemmer, Tiffany, and other fine outlets.

DrCurry, Dec 27 2004

What I thought... http://www.voguegio...0/0802/eindex.shtml
but with jingle bells. [Machiavelli, Dec 27 2004]


       Don't you get enough bells and chimes at the end of every Disney movie?
mensmaximus, Dec 27 2004

       Baked, my grandma has a string of these; although wireless, they ain't.   

       The whole 'wireless christmas tree' angle could take on its own life.
RayfordSteele, Dec 27 2004

       Just from reading the title I thought you meant something like this [see link].
Machiavelli, Dec 27 2004


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