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Rotating Christmas Tree

Similar to those motorized rotating bookshelves.
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The decorations on a christmas tree will generally remain static. Why not make it more dynamic? By having a motorized rotating christmas tree, the decorations on display from your viewpoint will be constantly changing.

Also, it may help deter burglars.

Snuffkin, Dec 20 2005

Rotating Christmas Tree Stand http://xmas-depot.com/christmas/111.html
Rotating stands for artificial trees as shown in this link are pretty common. I guess the reason that you don't see more rotating stands for live trees probably has to do with the size of the motor required to handle the additional weight of a live tree, the weight of the water reservoir, and the additional engineering required to keep it from tipping and and putting that water in contact with electrical power. But that's just a guess. [jurist, Dec 20 2005]


       Instead you should have a Christmas tree hidden in your wall... so when July 4th hits, you just push a button and a Decorated tree pops out Batman Style...
Juggalo4Eternity, Dec 20 2005

       Sorry [Juggalo]? I may not be very in touch with American culture, but do you usually have Christmas trees on independance day?   

       [Pa've] - Does it have a special brush and contact system to run the lights?
wagster, Dec 20 2005

       Its a joke. Some people are beginning to put up their tree waaaaaay to early.   

       PS, read subtitle as //Similar to those motorized "mutating" bookshelves.// Didnt have my glasses.
DesertFox, Dec 20 2005


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