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Retrospective Context Sensitive Autocomplete

We'll see (and not well see)
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An autocomplete system that checks back and adjusts recommendations based on the latest entry in a typed sentence, particularly for virtual keyboards
theircompetitor, Sep 14 2015

xkcd: Swiftkey http://xkcd.com/1068/
[hippo, Sep 16 2015]


       umm... when I type into my search bar in the browser, the list of possible completions changes with every keystroke. Is that what you mean ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 14 2015

       What FT said.
blissmiss, Sep 14 2015

       Passwords ?   

       Computer thinks "Why is he using a different password just because bank robbers are standing behind him ?   

       I know the right password. I will just help him out. "
popbottle, Sep 14 2015

       no FT, I don't mean choose a different sentence as google might, I mean choose a different word among the previously typed ones when guessing at what I typed (for instance when using Swype on a phone).   

       As in the example above, it guessed well (when I wanted we'll) -- and could have figured it out when I further typed "see"
theircompetitor, Sep 14 2015

       I think this idea would be better named something like "retrospective autocomplete", since the novelty here is re-visiting autocompleted words in the light of later ones.   

       However, one problem is that if it gets it wrong, you'd have to go further back to fix it manually.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 14 2015

       I think [theircompetitor] is going to go back and change this idea in the light of the annotations
hippo, Sep 15 2015

       strange, I typed touché but it completed ass :)
theircompetitor, Sep 15 2015

       [Ian] Swiftkey already does this, almost - see link
hippo, Sep 16 2015

       It's really difficult to understand what this idea is. I think I have it from the annos but perhaps you could be more descriptive?
tatterdemalion, Sep 16 2015

       I'd like this, especially if it could make retrospective corrections back to the mid 80's.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 16 2015

       I liked this idea, but in retrospective even more.
pashute, Sep 16 2015

       To your point, mb, would be an interesting step towards dwim if previous messages and even message target were part of context
theircompetitor, Sep 16 2015


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