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Reverse Print Option

Click Here for Reverse Printing.
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I often find that on long road trips with no companion, I am wishing for somebody to navigate.

I have seen the TOM TOM thing but it is out of my price range. This is a simple and inexpensive option.

One thing that I have done for long trips in the past is to write the directions backwards on a note card and stick it up on my dash.

The window picks up the reflection and produces a set of transparent readable directions.

Now in the options of Word (or your program of choice) comes the Reverse Print. Simply click and your typed material is reversed for reflective reading.

Chefboyrbored, Dec 21 2006

Backwards font http://www.ticalc.o...info/240/24050.html
[angel, Dec 21 2006]

Word: How to flip in printer driver options. http://www.buddypro...ily/word/clings.asp
Different printer drivers have different ways of doing this. Here's a table for some. This may be old and may not work, but it gives you an idea where to look. [jutta, Dec 21 2006]

Word: How to create mirror-image text http://support.microsoft.com/kb/189940
[jutta, Dec 21 2006]


       Pastry. All printer drivers should have such an option.   

       And this is much more useful than "Reserve Print Option". That is when the user tells the printer: "I want to print this document later today, so make sure you leave at least 11 pages in the A4 tray for me."
ed, Dec 21 2006

       The printing option is (I think) baked in OSX (that is, it come up for me and I assume that it's OS generated rather than from my print driver). When printing something go to the print settings and tick 'Flip Horizontal'.   

       Is the idea for the print option or or the use of the paper once printed?
st3f, Dec 21 2006

       You could print it in a backwards font (linky).
angel, Dec 21 2006

       // Is the idea for the print option or or the use of the paper once printed? //   

       The idea is for the print option. The "Reserve" thing was my unsuccessful attempt of introducing a few small SI units of humor into the topic by switching two letters in the idea title.
ed, Dec 21 2006

       With a little bit more work you could get the same effect using MS Paint or some other graphical program.
BJS, Dec 21 2006

       //Which means, this already exists, except in the puny application you're using.//   

       I highly doubt that Microsoft Word is a puny application. I am guessing that it is used world wide and so much to the fact that Mac has a conversion program that allows for the use of Microsoft on its OS.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 22 2006

       Mac also makes softwear that allows for windows to run on its OS. Either way, it hardly is a puny application.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 23 2006

       I would think that it's puny in terms of quality, rather than puny in terms of use.   

       <soapbox class="word perfect"> Use wordperfect! </soapbox>
shapu, Dec 23 2006

       // Running the Windows OS on a Mac is a different thing.//   

       And seriously, why would anyone want to do _that_?
Trickytracks, Dec 25 2006

       This is still very cool, if just for the idea of the poor-man's heads-up display.
nomocrow, Dec 26 2006


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