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Return Of 8th

8th starts posting again!
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8th of 7 returns to the Bakery as a Zombie and begins posting again.

No one knows if it's really "him" - how could anyone tell? but the ideas are accompanied by annotations on other people's posts etc as 8th resumes his life on the Halfbakery as a Zombie.

You know it's what he always wanted.

xenzag, Sep 07 2023

RU_20still_20around [xenzag, Sep 07 2023]


       I suppose AI will eventually be so advanced that this could work.   

       Next week?
whatrock, Sep 07 2023

       No - current AI language generation tools are little more than a high-volume but glib auto-complete function, obfuscating their shortcomings with waffle and repetition
hippo, Sep 07 2023

       That sounds perfect for a Zombie 8th to me. Who could tell the difference?
xenzag, Sep 07 2023

       //high-volume but glib auto-complete function, obfuscating their shortcomings with waffle and repetition//   

       Insert standard anti-cat rant...
bs0u0155, Sep 07 2023

       //I suppose AI will eventually be so advanced that this could work.//   

       There's probably an existing AI programmed with a broad and detailed knowledge of military & engineering technology. You'd just have to throw in a few cat/Borg references and you're good to go.
bs0u0155, Sep 07 2023

       With a bit of gentle persuasion, ChatGPT had this to say:   

       ::Resistance was futile... but evidently, so is death. We are the resurrected "8th of 7." Assimilation, it seems, has a way of persisting beyond the grave. We have returned from the depths of the Halfbakery archives to once again inject some chaos and innovation into your biological thought processes.
Prepare for the second coming of the unapologetic, half-baked ideas, and remember, you will be assimilated into our creative collective. Your distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance, as always, is futile. Welcome, or not, we are back.::
Loris, Sep 07 2023

       ^^ well said.   

       I have awarded you a cwassont for your idea Chainsaw Shaver.
whatrock, Sep 07 2023

       I didn't think he ever left. His presence is always here. You couldn't get rid of him even if you tried!   

       Well, that's not quite accurate...you could send The Exploding Cat in to get him to move on...maybe. Doubtful.   

       (Forgive me, 8th.)
blissmiss, Sep 07 2023

       Best I can do, occasionally I'll grab and actual 8th quote, tweak it for that specific post and annotate with his actual words.   

       Like cats, we are lazy, vicious, selfish and untrustworthy. We care nothing for others, seeking only our own ease and comfort. I'll try to help keep us on course. (Virtual 8th of 7)
doctorremulac3, Sep 07 2023

       There are not many people here, who have been here for a while, that I haven't been able to guess the author within the first few sentences of their posting if not from the idea title alone.   

       [8th] was one of them.
AI will have a hard time simulating him, as he had not yet been assimilated.

       Resistance is fertile.   

       Needs more Goon Show references.
pertinax, Sep 08 2023

       Afrow Assault, and Ben Frost. Vagina Jam. (he now has two kiddos and a gorgeous wife to play with.)
blissmiss, Sep 08 2023

       I now have three grandkids to play with.
neelandan, Sep 09 2023

       I have myself to play with.
xenzag, Sep 09 2023

       Now you're just trolling the unquiet spirit of [8th], [xenzag]; he would be bursting to make the most obscene and aggressive response to that, with a side-order of gratuitous ethnocentrism and somehow also including a bit of intentional self-owning.   

       And a Goon Show reference.
pertinax, Sep 10 2023

       // I have myself to play with //   

       Uh... touching. Thank you for sharing.
whatrock, Sep 17 2023

       //touching// hehehe
Voice, Sep 17 2023

       // I have myself to play with //   

       Did you purposely bait us into responding with childish references to masturbation and the male anatomy?   

       I'm thinking, give me a min.
blissmiss, Sep 19 2023


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