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RU still around

After a year your details appear
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You can always opt out. Well, maybe not always.

Allows your worried loved ones who are still hanging out here on the internet (or on HB), to contact you, if you disappear for a long period of time.

You give it a list of websites where you hang around, your user names on those sites, your actual name, and some details about you.

It checks if you are still active on any of those sites.

Only the server knows your real name and email.

It works in stages. After 1 month it begins trying to contact you, to ask if everything's ok.

After two months, it automatically searches the web for your obituary. Users of the websites can inquire whether everything seems ok, or if there seems to be a problem.

After 3 months it allows the users that gave you the most likes or are listed as your frequent "friends" to send an email to you.

You can always opt out, in which case RUSA will inform anybody inquiring that this user is not being followed by the RUSA servers.

pashute, Sep 06 2023


       Like a dead man's handle
pocmloc, Sep 06 2023

       ...after six months it posts slightly incorrect, trolling annotations to a selection of your Halfbakery ideas to see if you respond
hippo, Sep 07 2023

       As chance would have it I ended up here after boning up on HB history. I followed MaxwellBuchanan to the end. Smart guy, wish he was here. Put a second hero under the eaves.
minoradjustments, Sep 07 2023


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