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Returning with aplomb

Is there a feast prepared for a prodigal baker?
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I don't have any new ideas, otherwise I'd come back by posting one. Lord knows the ones I had three years ago pretty much all sucked anyway. Oh, well.

[m-f-d] not an invention.

Anybody home?

globaltourniquet, Jul 20 2007

[Beep] - whatever it is, I promise I did not return with http://www.urbandic...fine.php?term=plomb
this [globaltourniquet, Jul 20 2007]

Here's your feast http://www.iceshop....cecream.html#prod14
[Jinbish, Jul 21 2007]


       Here's a croissant to munch on.   

       Good to have you back--the blood's been rushing to my head.
baconbrain, Jul 20 2007

       well, you could have dropped an aplombline!   

       very glad to see you.
po, Jul 20 2007

       Yes. Sometimes Google is a bad thing.
globaltourniquet, Jul 20 2007




       Feast you say?
Jinbish, Jul 21 2007

       Mmm, pie. Welcome back.
david_scothern, Jul 21 2007

       You were gone?   

       <wipes glasses clean, looks at screen again>   

       Ohhhhhh, globaltourniquet! I thought you said globaltournament. Sorry. Welcome back. I see your plomb and raise you a croissant.
Canuck, Jul 22 2007

       Hello hello!
calum, Jul 22 2007

       You say Hello, and I say... oh I say Hello, too.
xandram, Jul 22 2007

       there's no place like plomb.
dentworth, Jul 22 2007

       If only you'd wated a little longer, you could have returned with aprune.
shapu, Jul 24 2007

       I read this as Returning with a bomb.   

       It is the HB, after all.
whatrock, Oct 01 2021

       Yes, there is.
pertinax, Oct 03 2021

       If you fell into a pond you could return with a plop.
xenzag, Oct 03 2021

       Did someone say plums? Where?   

       Why do we call it 'prune juice?' We don't drink 'raisin juice.'
RayfordSteele, Oct 03 2021


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