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Reuse old smartphones as semi-industrial/shopfront barcode scanners

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We are gonna have a bad time with E-Waste with all these smartphones going outdated soon.

Most of them have the commonality of having an audio port. And sometimes a usb port.

So why not repurpose these smartphones as OCR scanners, for barcodes like QR codes.

Just output the code over a serial port via audio or usb. As for the display, you could display QR codes, if needed as well.

The cable could be a typical usb that simulates a serial host, or an audio port that outputs serial signal.

The serial signal can then be read directly for custom/embedded systems, or can simulate a usb keyboard for easy entry of data for the common user.


Keeping everything as 'serial', also will reduce vectors for exploits.


Could allow wifi connection, but might be safer to just disable it entirely.


Serial :- Old school UART

mofosyne, Oct 06 2014

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       I'm all for recycling but smartphones aren't designed to last, and definitely aren't designed for industrial use. I had an old Android phone that I was using as an OBDII scanner for a while but 6 months after I got a new phone it was already hard to keep the software up to date and the hardware working on the old phone.
DIYMatt, Oct 06 2014

       Old smartphones are/will be valuable for their rare Earth metals. They're less rare in phones than the Earth...
bs0u0155, Oct 06 2014

       Once more, with feeling!
RayfordSteele, Oct 06 2014


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