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Sheet Music OCR

Music to MIDI, just like that
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You know how OCR software works-- you scan a document, then the software "reads" it and turns it into editable text?

Well, it struck me that while it's now easy for book transcribers, it's still really hard for people wanting to transcribe sheet music into MIDI files, so that an authoring program (such as GarageBand, Cubase, or Reason) can read.

Thus, I propose an OCR program designed to read sheet music. You scan the music page, and the OCR program "reads" the scanned sheet music and outputs a MIDI file that is easily imported into any music-composition software.

HalfBaker, Oct 04 2007

Musitek http://www.musitek.com/
Fairly well baked [csea, Oct 04 2007]

Neuratron http://www.neuratron.com/photoscore.htm
Similarly baked [csea, Oct 04 2007]

Visiv SharpEye http://www.visiv.co.uk/
etc. [csea, Oct 04 2007]


       Pretty well baked, see [links].
csea, Oct 04 2007

       Oh. Darn.
HalfBaker, Oct 04 2007

       Methinks [HalfBaker] should change moniker to [ReBaker]...
awesomest, Oct 05 2007

       Yes, thank you, ha ha ha.
HalfBaker, Oct 07 2007


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