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Rented Video Review Scanner

Determines whether that video you want to rent out is worth watching.
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It is a special scanner that reads a/the barcode on a video/DVD case and connects to a database, which then displays information on the movie.

These machines would be suitable in video outlets for on the spot information. This would save time instead of logging onto the net and finding details out. They would connect to a database, such as the store's own, or the Internet Movie Database, and display reviews, ratings, plot info and other things about the video, and whether it is worth renting out or not.

A trailer (if any) would also be displayed to help your discision.

Expanded features would also include things like cast lists, ratings advice, or whether any of your favorite stars will be naked in it or not.

Also, customers would be able to add their own comments about the movie.

mrkillboy, Jul 08 2000

MovieCritic http://www.moviecritic.com
A website that answers the question "will I like this movie?" using a neural net. Very cool. [Uncle Nutsy, Jul 08 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I've done just this (modulo the bar code scanner) using the IMDB from a palm pilot with a wireless net connection.
mab, Jul 08 2000

       What does modulo mean?
rayfo, Nov 21 2000

       Modulo: excepting, except for, remainder. Assuming I remember my math-speak, learned back when Hector was a pup.   

       With some foresight, you could use MovieCritic and the IMDB to do everything here.
Uncle Nutsy, Nov 21 2000


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