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Reverse-Firing Gun

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A trick handgun, designed to be as realistic feeling as possible. The trick is that the firing pin and chamber have been reversed. The slide moves, the hammer cocks, and the clip is removable, to make sure casual inspection won't reveal its false nature.

Replace it with your enemy's weapon, and when he/she pulls the trigger, it will fire a bullet from the back of the gun, hopefully into his/her general person.

This weapon would only be fired once before being reloaded because of its unique design. Firing again would require you to dismantle it, load another round, set the firing pin, and replace the break-away section the bullet is fired out out of.

notmarkflynn, Jun 02 2006

Hans Solo wrestles with Jackie Chan http://uniquecanes....man/C96/newC963.jpg
[normzone, Jun 02 2006]

suicide pistol. http://i8.photobuck...rreal-pistol-25.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 02 2006]

Would a picture help? http://i37.photobuc...lynn/ReverseGun.jpg
[notmarkflynn, Jun 03 2006]

Janus http://en.wikipedia...i/Janus_(mythology)
[spidermother, Jun 03 2006]

Judas pair - Lovejoy http://open.bbc.co..../programme/LDLH595L
[spidermother, Jun 03 2006]

Slightly Suicidal Gun http://lh3.google.c...8353_4c70b5fe33.jpg
[skinflaps, Feb 06 2008]


sninctown, Jun 02 2006

       There are certainly many ways to sabotage pistols so as to injure the shooter. Having one actually fire a bullet backward in controlled fashion would be difficult since pistols generally don't have a big hole in the back of them, and a shooter would tend to notice if one did.   

       A firearm with an obstructed barrel may send pieces of barrel flying in many directions. Not a good thing to be around, but not necessarily disastrous for the shooter. On the other hand, some firearms have pieces which travel rearward when fired that are supposed to be held captive. Something like an 1896 Broomhandle Mauser (Han Solo's gun) could be very bad for the shooter if the bolt stop were to fail; since the gun is recoil operated, though, the bolt wouldn't fly backward, until after the bullet was going out the barrel in the other direction. Obstructing the barrel would cause the gun to fail somewhere else.
supercat, Jun 02 2006

       The back of the gun at the point where the bullet is coming out of is supposed to be easily broken or popped off by the exiting bullet, and is supposed to mimic the look of a regular firearm. As you mentioned, a big gaping whole would be stupid.
notmarkflynn, Jun 02 2006

       It would be a grave sin to omit Jackie Chan at this point...I've never seen anyone better at unloading, reversing, or disassembling an opponents firearm in a wrestling match.   

       Go do your homework, watch a dozen movies, and report back. You will have my bun easily then.
normzone, Jun 02 2006

       This is at least halfbaked. There were a set of antique duelling pistols in the TV series 'Lovejoy'. The pistols were called the 'Janus Pair' and, if I recall correctly, fired backwards unless a small, concealed lever was pressed at the same time as the trigger.   

       I also seem to remember annotating this on a previous HB idea but am unable to find any trace of it now.
st3f, Jun 02 2006


       //The pistols were called the 'Janus Pair' // sp "Judas"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 02 2006

       <nemesis>Pah! I laugh in the face of the patheticity of this idea! May notmarkflynn be a victim of this himself!</nemesis>
dbmag9, Jun 02 2006

       / Wasn't it cool, that dumbass idea I saw in a cartoon the other day? /   

       What was it? Was it that dynamite in the piano idea?
bungston, Jun 02 2006

       //Firing again would require you to dismantle it, load another round...// Actually the first step, I assume, would be "Come back to life".
fridge duck, Jun 02 2006

       You wouldn't use it on yourself. And I didn't see this in a cartoon. And I'm very cross with all of you.   

       I probably just didn't explain it right. See picture.
notmarkflynn, Jun 03 2006

       Saw picture. I got it. I liked the third picture and trying to imagine who would use that.
jellydoughnut, Jun 03 2006

       That's how I show girls I like them.   

       Anyway, that's a good point. I'm still going to use it in a short story if I get the chance.
notmarkflynn, Jun 03 2006

       ////The pistols were called the 'Janus Pair' // sp "Judas"// Janus makes sense, as the Roman god Janus has two faces, pointing in opposite directions. But Judas is correct.
spidermother, Jun 03 2006

       Thanks for the correction, AWOL, spidermother. Good spot for the link.
st3f, Jun 04 2006

       Needs RFID.
epicproblem, Jun 04 2006

       This gun would attract attention from authorities given you have a dead body. They'd then investigate a sabotaged gun. If you made on of the 14 common mistakes by murderers, then why not be a lot neater and just shoot the person yourself ? Rather than giving them a loaded gun to begin with ?
g00r, Feb 07 2008


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