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Reversible Baseball Cap 2

For displaying the logo of either of 2 different teams
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There are 30 major-league baseball teams, 15 in the National League and 15 in the American League. Already widely available are baseball caps featuring the logo of one team. In theory a cap could be turned inside-out and put on the head; imagine that such a cap now displays a different team logo. With appropriate stitching (3 layers, with a black cloth layer in-between to prevent any visibility of the "inside" logo) it should be very difficult to tell that this is a 2-logo cap.

The company making these officially licensed caps (you license the use of the logo, so you don't necessarily have to tell the baseball owners about these special caps) can offer a much wider variety of caps, than only 30. Any of the 30 logos could be paired-up with any of the other 29**, for a total of 870 different caps. (EDIT: that number is erroneous, as explained in an annotation. Actually there would be 435 different caps.) Your target market is anyone who likes baseball, the game, more than any particular baseball team. And "collect the whole set!" is what you try to get those customers to do. (That quantity causes this Idea to be Half-Baked, although for someone who has a favored team, only 29 caps might constitute a "whole set", all having the favored team as one of its two logos.)

When two teams meet to play a game, the proud owner of the appropriate cap wears it to the game. A favored team would have its logo displayed throughout most of the game, with the cap having the relevant side out. If the favored team loses, the cap- owner can quickly/discreetly invert the cap and now display the logo of the winning team, and join the festivities of the winners.

**Note that while two teams in different leagues (example: New York Yankees and New York Mets) may very rarely play each other, it is most certainly possible. Think "World Series".

Vernon, Feb 26 2015

**Interleague play http://onlyagame.wb...jor-league-baseball
Teams from different leagues do play each other during the regular season, not just the World Series. [Vernon, Feb 26 2015]

MLB cap http://shop.mlb.com...d=706112&cp=1452621
There do exist a few non-team-specific MLB caps.... [Vernon, Feb 28 2015]


       I don't think your heart hormones would be too happy.
wjt, Feb 26 2015

       [wjt], see again what the main text says about the "target market". It is quite possible to favor a team without being fanatic about it (even though the word "fan" is short for "fanatic").
Vernon, Feb 26 2015

       Any true emotion, even small amounts, takes investment. It can handle ups and downs but not flip flopping. I'm sure that's not what emotion was evolved for. Logic, of course, can and does flip flop as many times as you want.   

       I am just saying you have to leave the heart at the door to back multiple teams.   

       Your caps might be valid if you could back, emotionally, the plays or arts in the arena rather than any one team. Though, it would truthful to symbolize that fact to the fanatics.
wjt, Feb 28 2015

       I've seen a fan slapped in the back of the head for wearing the wrong cap, so bonus dough if it projects a false, defensive logo from behind.
4and20, Feb 28 2015

       [wjt], "major league baseball" or MLB does have its own logo, different from that of any one team. I didn't think about caps with that logo on it (perhaps assumed that it might be there along with a team logo?). Now I wonder what a team-fan would think of someone wearing a cap that only had the MLB logo on it....
Vernon, Feb 28 2015

       I made a mistake in my original computation of the total number of this type of cap. For the first team, say the Yankees, there would be 29 caps. For the next team, say the Mets, there would be 28 MORE caps, but not 29 because the Yankees/Mets cap already exists as part of the Yankees group. For the next team, say the Red Sox, there would be 27 MORE caps, because the 28th would already exist in the Yankees group, and the 29th would already exist in the Mets group. And so on. So the total number is 29+28+27+...+3+2+1, or compute-able as (29*30)/2, or 435 different caps.
Vernon, Mar 02 2015


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