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Rubber Bungee Robber Spiders

...to keep you in suspense
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This is a hat with eight dangling elastic cords. Each cord is adjustable for length, and has a dull hook at the end. It’s worn as a kind of disguise, probably for bank robberies.

Two cords grapple a person’s mouth, one on each side, to pull a wide grin. Two more are for the nose, to stretch the nostrils upward. The last four cords are hooked to belt loops, to keep one’s trousers up.

Amos Kito, Apr 09 2008

better than this http://current.com/..._duct_tape_for_mask
[jaksplat, Apr 09 2008]


       Surely another pair to work the eyelids?
Texticle, Apr 09 2008

       //Two more are for the nose, to stretch the nostrils upward.// "This is a village rubber bungee robber spider, for village people."
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 09 2008

       Amos, you're barmy.
po, Apr 09 2008

       That'll baffle security. It's a bit like dazzle painting for humans.
wagster, Apr 09 2008

       This is one of the weirdest things i've seen for a bit, and it made me laugh. if that's not a reason to bun, i don't know what is.
drummac88, Apr 10 2008

       Stop that or your face will freeze that way!
phoenix, Apr 10 2008

       At least you'll keep a stiff upper lip.   

       ... excuse me? Is the purpose of this ostensibly to shock bank clerks and innocent bystanders into submission, instead of with the threat of a weapon?   

       For added surprise, you could add some sort of solenoid device to the armatures and have them comically work your various dangling parts up and down and to and fro for that extra bit of jittery fun.
qt75rx1, Apr 10 2008

       ... and ride on a pogo stick .....
8th of 7, Apr 10 2008

       //"This is a village rubber bungee robber spider, for village people."//
[MB] Did you mean "local" instead of "village", or is this intended for construction workers, highway cops, sailors and Native Americans?
coprocephalous, Apr 10 2008

       //Is the purpose of this ostensibly to shock bank clerks//
Most likely, [qt75rx1], but it might give a crook pause if the bank clerk and all the bystanders were wearing these.
Amos Kito, Apr 10 2008

       Lis is a lank lobbely, gingy all youl noney!
zeno, Apr 11 2008


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