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Reversible Shoes

daywear to nightwear without going home
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I seem to have no time. It would be nice to be able to get out for an evening without the hour ride back and forth from the city after work. I know some do, but I don't want to carry a backpack to a club or show with my change of clothes. I want a shoe with a removable magnetic heel, so I can pop it off, flip the cover to the other side, and switch my footwear from dowdy black to sparkly in an instant. Both sides are lined with a hard leather sole. Add your own squishy inserts for comfort. Pop the heel back on, and go dancing. That is, if you had the foresight to wear your reversable day-to-night weskit as well.
Rm Brz, Jul 14 2006

Interchangable Shoes http://abc.go.com/p...llery.html?photo=14
[tatmkr, Jul 14 2006]


       Baked on 'American Inventor' television show. A woman designed these to have removable heels so they could be dress or casual. They were kind of like mr. potato head for shoes.
tatmkr, Jul 14 2006

       I saw that too, but those are really a sandal- not a full shoe. Only works because the straps go THROUGH the sole.
Rm Brz, Jul 14 2006


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