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Roof work shoes, wider and longer.

Shoes to wear when working on a flat roof.
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What sort of Shoes to wear when working on a flat roof?

The shoes should have flat soles that are a bit wider and longer and made of the softer materials. No or not much of a heel. The idea being to avoid punching holes in the flat roof. Not big and awkward like snowshoes. You don't want lawsuits over why someone fell off the roof.


I was cleaning a roof today to get ready for the rains. The debris causes water to pool over a seam that leaks a bit. Don't want to make more holes. A vacuum cleaner with a real long hose and 55 gallon drums on the ground level would have made it easier. About a hundred gallons of leaves and stems had accumulated. poor me.

popbottle, Aug 24 2014

Who knew shoe sizes .. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoe_size
Who knew shoe sizes were so complicated? [popbottle, Aug 24 2014]


       1. Put screws through inside of old shoes down into boards considered of requisite size. Bring them up, put them on when up, take them off before going down. If you are not going to fix the leak, save them for next year.   

       2. The vacuum cleaner is more interesting. A siphon would work but it would break easily.
bungston, Aug 24 2014

       //About a hundred gallons of leaves and stems had accumulated   

       Stick them in a fancy bottle, label it "organic" and make a killing, metaphorically speaking.   

       By connecting the back of vacuum cleaner to your very large shoes, you could have hover-shoes? Effortlessly whisk yourself down to the DIY shop when you find you've run out of roofing nails etc.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 24 2014

       10 to I Buster Keaton or someone similar has half baked this in film?
Skewed, Aug 25 2014

       Sounds like you're describing clown shoes, as in "What's that clown doing up on my roof?!"
Canuck, Aug 25 2014

       So a shoe for every long run extrusion? Soft rubber, of course, and a calculated section, of the profile, to allow walking around on a range of angles.
wjt, Aug 25 2014

       " I was cleaning a roof today to get ready for the rains. "   

       Rain? Rain? You get rain?   

       Do you have enough that you can share some with us?   

       Wait a minute, your user page says you are a San Diego project engineer. I knew San Diego, and you are not - I mean, we don't need to get ready for rain. What were you REALLY doing up there?
normzone, Aug 25 2014

       To explain how two weeks of rain several months away motivated shaken me to climb a rickety ladder under a tree whose leaves make me itch would take a long time and not add anything to the idea.   

       It even snows in San Diego - Honest. I saw some fall off a truck that had come down from the mountains several years ago.
popbottle, Aug 25 2014

       You're the Rain Man!
4and20, Aug 25 2014


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