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Reversible Siding

Siding that changes colors.
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Ever seen multiple ads at a sports arena? To sell more ads in the same space the billboards are made out of triangular segments that rotate to display three different images, each of which comes from a different company that paid them money. Anyway, it would be neat to make siding based off of a system like this. You could change the color of your house quickly and easily.

Now, before someone posts "Baked: See Housepainting", hear me out. There's a real good reason you might want to do this. A darkly colored house absorbs a lot of heat from the sun, and that can significantly cut the heating bill. You see lots of darkly painted houses in the higher latitudes. In reverse, lightly painted houses have lower cooling bills. You see lots of them in the South. This way, you can have both. You could even link the system to a thermostat and have it maintain a set temperature.

Of course, that won't stop you from changing the colors at a whim. Heck, if you really want to drive your neighbors nuts you could set each row to a random color or have the colors ripple and change constantly resulting in something truly odd looking but that's not the point. We're talking about saving money and reducing wasted energy here, no need to be a jackass really. Hehehe....

Madcat, Jan 17 2004


       I like it, though I think that various electronic color-change materials would be better than the triangular flippy-things, considering that unlike a bilboard, a home's siding is supposed to actually protect the insulation from the elements.
supercat, Jan 18 2004

       I'm with [supercat]. It would be impossible to get water to adequately shed from siding of this design.
Cedar Park, Jan 18 2004

       How about irreversible siding? "Sorry, tinman, I'd love to spend the 5K with you. But it's irreversible".
theircompetitor, Jan 18 2004

       Hehehe, yeah, this not be cheap I think.   

       I was toying with the idea of using something like Xerox's electronic ink as paint instead.   

       I do think it could be designed to shed water effectively though. You could put little rubber gaskets on the each edge of the wedges like manufacturers put on car and fridge doors.
Madcat, Jan 18 2004


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