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Seasonal Roofs

Roof changes color to absorb or reflect light
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In the summer when it gets hot, you could switch your roof color to white to help reflect light back into space. In the winter, you switch your roof color to black to absorb heat.

This can be done with same concept as e-ink, where microscopic suspended color capsules are attracted with a small electrostatic charge to a given side of the plastic sheet they're sandwiched in.

[Could also be used to affect global climate at whim]

seal, Feb 01 2002

Variable-albedo roof covering http://www.halfbake...o_20roof_20covering
Very similar idea [hello_c, Feb 01 2002]


       As [hello_c] points out, this is already HalfBaked.
phoenix, Feb 01 2002

       It's a similar concept, so maybe I should just uproot this idea and slap it in an annotation there. Hmmm. I'll think about it.   

       This idea isn't temperature sensitive. You switch it on or off when you want.
seal, Feb 01 2002

       Don't turn it into purely an annotation, a lot of good ideas can be lost to people to lazy to read through them all. Just add a link to this site as an annotation...   

       I good idea is to take advantage of control the user has over your design. It could be used for perhaps diffrent purposes. It could perhaps be used to put messages on your roof... like Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas. Or if you had a friend coming over whose never been to your house you might make it easier to find by putting your name on it. Not to mention that it's just plain cool to have a roof that changes colors randomly.
Tysenworld, Feb 02 2002

       Amen on //never been to your house// There are some neighborhoods in L.A. where apparently it is 'hip' to show no address/nothing/nada of any kind - makes it kind of a bitch for me to take a script to someones place, then call the agency...
thumbwax, Feb 03 2002

       You could edit the title of the idea to emphasize the user-controlled part.
hello_c, Feb 03 2002

       My favorite use for it would be to use it for camouflage against googles spy-satellite network
xxobot, Sep 28 2007


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