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Revisited Dinner Tray

Time saving TV Dinner Accessory
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This idea is not original, but appeared in an issue of Mad Magazine from the 60's. Families would have dinner served on foldable TV trays while watching favorite shows. Having to raise the fork from the tray of food to one's mouth could cause one to miss a few seconds of the show. This device was a smaller tray held by shoulder straps under the chin, allowing food to be shoveled into the mouth without missing a lick of Milton Berle or Ed Sullivan.
Faulstroh, Oct 11 2021


       //This idea is not original//   

       Add a 3rd even smaller tray under the lower lip, and a 4th tiny tray clamped to the teeth and you may get a bite-sized fragment of bun to set on one of your trays
pocmloc, Oct 11 2021

       [pocmloc] so its tinier and tinier trays all the way... up?
po, Oct 11 2021

       quite interested to know what section of MAD this was in.
po, Oct 11 2021

       [a1] I thought [Faulstroh] would know. I don't visit reddit.
po, Oct 11 2021

po, Oct 11 2021

       ^ well it did say held by shoulder straps, But that’s not much. I don’t Fishbone often so I won’t, and from the title I was hoping it to be a little more interesting.
xandram, Oct 11 2021


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