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Paper Plates on a Roll

For the laziest of bachelors
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I constantly find myself, a 22 year old male, eating over the sink or a paper towel. I would like to see some sort of paper plate on a roll. It would be much like a paper towel except slightly stiffer. Being a square shape would reduce waste when compared to a regular paper plate and the lack of a three dimensional rim would cut down on costs imensely, resulting in a cheap, easy to use eating surface. It might also be nice to roll it with paper towels so one could rip off a paper plate and towel simultaneously, peel them apart, and enjoy their equally cheap meal.
CrazedAdMan, Nov 17 2003


       It would not be rigid enough to support any weight.
waugsqueke, Nov 17 2003

       It would also not contain fluids of any kind.
darksasami, Nov 17 2003

       I think you have a product here, [adman]. Very practical, very bakeable, makes use of existing hardware (roll holder). It would in essence be a roll of preperforated waxed paper. It would remain slightly curved on removing it from the roll, and would hold weight like a taco shell. Rolling it in with a paper towel is a nice idea too. Bread from me. Please eat it over the plate. Don't need to encourage the ants.
bungston, Nov 18 2003

       I think [waugs] has a point, so I wonder if you could make the plate a sealed two ply design, with a small seal-able hole on one side? Inflate the plate manually by blowing into the hole, seal it with its self adhesive flap, et voila, rigidity.

       The two plies would need to be glued at a central point to create a concave surface once inflated, otherwise your food will roll off the plate.
Fishrat, Nov 18 2003

       excellent idea - for people who can't get it together to have a normal plate and wash it up from time to time.   

       "as a 22yr old male" you may want to check out how the rest of the world gets along
ivanhoe, Nov 18 2003

       How about stacked paper plates layered with napkins, plastic forks, and plastic knives between every plate?
phundug, Nov 18 2003

       You will still need three hands to hold the plate and work on the food.   

       If you want it on a roll make bags that tear off, like they have them in grocery stores for bulk goods. Instead of plastic make the bags from the same material they use for industrial grade burrito shells (no self respecting mold or bug will touch those).   

       Dump your food into the bag and enjoy, no plate, no spills, no cleanup, single handed (leaves other hand free for beer can). You can even microwave in the bag if you care about warm food.
kbecker, Nov 18 2003

       Ah, now there you may have something halfbaked. A consumer model, home paper plate stamping machine. Recycle those old greeting cards.
half, Nov 18 2003


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