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Reward human power generation

Pay people for their work in generating human powered electricity
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Human powered exercise equipment is now creating power for gyms. I suggest Paying people to come in and exercise to provide power that can be sold back to the utility company.

Piezo electric generators, if not already in use in gyms as power generating platforms for weightlifters, are or could be doing the same for roads with piezo generators buried beneath them. Install detectors, transmitters indicating presence on the road and mileage recorders on cars so people that drive these piezo power producing roads get tax credits and discounts, wine and roses.

On a shelf in my basement a small l110 volt ac belt and disc sander that was resonant with the shelf structure and when it got in cycle, the power was knocked out on that electric circuit for a moment and the shelves were acting like an earthquake was hitting them. I had to turn off the sander immediately. The whole thing quicklybrought to mind the Tesla building shaker and what kind of power you could get from a structure tuned for piezo power generating purposes.

Shocking :-)

Sunstone, Mar 21 2020


       The thing is, "gyms that produce electricity" is called out in the help file as a frequently posted invention, which is grounds for it to be marked for deletion. I realise you're not claiming this as the idea, but rather a payment scheme for such - but it's unlikely to be worth it.
You'd be much better off paying people to do useful physical labour resembling the exercise in question.

       Similarly for roads, sapping energy out of cars will reduce their efficiency, and be overall worse than running a generator directly.   

       I'm not sure what your third paragraph is proposing, exactly. earthquake-powered generation?
Admittedly there's a lot of power there, but I would suggest that when that fired up would be just the point at which you want the powergrid to be stable and behaving itself, or even better completely off for safety.
Loris, Mar 22 2020

       Sly way to break a Halfbakery tenet.
wjt, Mar 22 2020


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