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Toilet Poetry

"Cry 'havoc' and let slip the dogs of war!"
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Print out a favorite piece of poetry or literature that will fit on a single sheet of paper. Bring it with you next time you must visit the toilet. Tape it to the inside of the stall door. Feel good that you have spread a little bit of culture to a captive audience.
dmglidden, Mar 28 2003

1st hit on Google http://www.spiteast...oetry/bathroom.php3
Now, when I say *hit* - I don't mean it the way Kasey Kasem means it. [thumbwax, Oct 06 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Toilet paper ads http://www.halfbake...oilet_20paper_20ads
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       baked...i do this sometimes in public bathrooms, but in a more permanent format :P
igirl, Mar 28 2003

       Baked, albeit in formats that are more difficult to remove.
Guncrazy, Mar 28 2003

       The poetry should be ON the TP. Each square with a short inspirational poem. Inspirational and practical! Plus, if you found something particularly good on a piece of paper, you could leave it taped to the stall door for others to appreciate.
bungston, Mar 28 2003


       Damn dog.
Worldgineer, Mar 28 2003

       Ah, but I mean "real" poetry or literature; not doggerel. The idea is for more high-brow competition with what you normally encounter in a toilet.
dmglidden, Mar 28 2003

       i *try* to be somewhat high-minded with my additions to bathroom decoration...
igirl, Mar 28 2003

       Baked, but a really good idea, anyway.   

       It really did say "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?" in graffiti on the wall of the bathroom of the Figaro in the late 50's. Anybody know if the inscription is still there? Now that they sell cheap wine and hamburgers instead of Russian Tea and Orzata, I've resisted revisiting.
grecosartre, Mar 29 2003

       Epic poetry going from stall door to stall door would be interesting.
igirl, Mar 29 2003

       This idea is excellent for public toilets. It makes the experience a little bit more than just wasting your time inside a really compact and smelly room more than once a day. Very interesting!
Pericles, Mar 29 2003

       //just wasting your time inside a really compact and smelly room more than once a day// [pericles] this sounds frighteningly like what happens in my room. anyway, i can also see this idea being used by students: they post essays and other various assignments in the restrooms, and it can be edited by the bored souls on the terlet. (hopefully it won't be crap...sorry, please don't kill me, i couldn't help myself)
igirl, Mar 29 2003

       //The poetry should be ON the TP. //

That's what I thought they used poetry for.
roby, Mar 29 2003

       You get some of the best ideas on the crapper. Which was named after a Thomas J. Crapper, by the way.
Eugene, Mar 29 2003

       Except for blissmiss' part, this ain't so hot. My family and I work in a cleaning business, and we end up cleaning graffiti off the stalls' walls (we have professional-grade stuff to clean it with, which makes it easier, but you can imagine what it's made of).
galukalock, Mar 30 2003

       A tradition in the bathroom at my old dorm. We had the entirety of the "Fellowship of the Ring" Very Secret Diaries up there for a while.
Tabbyclaw, Jun 16 2004

       Good idea, if i would run out of TP i could use the poems instead. But then one has to make a difficult choice > which poem to whipe the bumhole with? (can you hear Beavis and Butthead screaming?)   

       QUOTE: "Season of mist and... mellow fruitlessness." "Damn I love Keats! Have you heard this one? There was a young woman from Ealing who had a peculiar feeling. She lay on her back and opened her crack and pissed all over the ceiling!" END QUOTE Perhaps an appropriate poem?
Jso84, Jun 16 2004

       Has no one noticed the little bit of poetry which has been on my profile page for the last three years?
hippo, Jun 16 2004

       I like [igirl]'s suggestion from just over a year ago.
phundug, Jun 16 2004

       didn't Jack Kerouac write 'On The Road' on a big roll of paper. I don't think it was TP, but still.
etherman, Jun 17 2004

       We have a variation on this in our house with newspaper cuttings . Pride of place goes to a composite caption reading: "Prime Minister To Have Large Unworkable Poo Today".
DocBrown, Oct 18 2004

       as opposed to a workable poo?
etherman, Oct 18 2004


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