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Ride Your Coaster...Literally!

no longer do you have to imagine doing flips
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Currently, roller coaster games have been all the rage. NoLimits, RCT3, Ultimate Ride, etc. Many people love riding their creations in 3D, and how can you blame them? However, it can be tough to imagine yourself going upside-down or speeding down a drop at 93 MPH and experiencing airtime. That's when the idea comes in.

By simply purchasing a special chair, held in place by two mechanical arms (suspended off the ground), you can literally ride your roller coaster! Board the coaster, pull down the shoulder harness, and push the button on the side! Your restraint locks, a video screen comes down, and the chair rises off the ground. Fans blowing wind simulates the thrill of rusing at 93 MPH down a drop.

Version 1.0 would only allow people who had NoLimits to ride, but Version 1.1 would allow people with RCT3, 1.2 with Ultimate Ride, etc.

There would be several safety mechanisms involved. The first one would be the fact that you have to buckle a seatbelt into your shoulder harness (very much like B&M Sitdowns). Once the coaster has started, the seatbelt cannot be unbuckled. If you got too scared, there would be a panic button located on the side of the chair. The chair would be very much like a B&M Floorless coaster chair.

As the screen comes down (or up), it would be locked there, so you would be able to see what you were riding.

The software would have to release an add-on to accomodate the chair.

The only real disadvantage that I see (you might see more) is the price. It could range from a one seater to a four seater, with possible accomodations (a cheap model would only bank for curves, a medium model would spin for curves, an expensive model would spin for curves with a 360 degree spin, etc.).

NOTE: Don't tell me that there's already coaster simulators out there. NO DUH! This is for personal home use. And it's innovative. All other simulators are surrounded by red in the dark. This is surrounded by nothing. And you can use it with any coaster software that's in 3D.

Nemmy, Dec 30 2004

NoLimits http://www.nolimitscoaster.com
The software I talked about [Nemmy, Dec 30 2004]

B&M Floorless Trains http://www.rcdb.com/ig581.htm?picture=31
You can clearly see how the seats have seatbelts in that photo. [Nemmy, Dec 30 2004]


       I hate roller coasters, but I can see that a roller coaster sim would have wide appeal. Eat your croissant a good five minutes before getting in to your coaster.
neilp, Dec 30 2004

       I remember going on Cyberspace Mountain at DisneyQuest. They take you into the loops slowly, so you DO experience some "airtime".   

       [fogfreak], did you read the note at the end? Those simulators are what I'm talking about.
Nemmy, Dec 30 2004


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