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Ringbacked Rubber Gloves

Built in rings for ease of removal.
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The other day I watched a man make frozen drinks. Each time he reached into the freezer for some fruit, he put on a disposable rubber glove. Afterwards, he took it off. He went through 3 or 4 while I was there.

It would be good to use the same glove over and over. However, thin disposable gloves are hard to reuse because on removal, they turn inside out. Thicker, dishwashing gloves can be reused but they don't stay clean, because to remove without inverting one must grab the fingers of the glove with your ungloved girty hand and pull.

Ringbacked rubber gloves are intended to be used multiple times but remain clean. On the back of each finger is a rubber ring, cast from the same material as the glove. Two boards (or two for each worker) with handshapes and 5 protruding pins are mounted near the work area. Turn the gloved hands so that the palms face the wearer and engage the rings with the pins. Now simply pull down and the glove comes off. Leave them hanging from the pins, ready for a later use. When the rings break through, it is time for a new pair.

bungston, Oct 29 2007


       Or use a scoop.
GutPunchLullabies, Oct 29 2007

       /why not use steel rings/ This would require an extra manufacturing step. If the rings broke frequently before the glove wore out one could use plastic or other more durable rings.
bungston, Oct 29 2007

       This is a neat idea. I would like to have some very heavy, loose-fitting rubber gloves like this. Then I could snake the old septic line without touching the outside of the gloves. I could just leave them hang there until I needed to snake.
nomocrow, Oct 29 2007

       If these are thin surgical-type gloves, I don't think this would work - pulling on the fingers just makes them narrower and less pulloffable. But maybe these are heavier duty? I don't get why the man was using gloves - thin rubber gloves don't offer much cold protection.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 31 2007


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