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Signalling glove

signalling (your direction) with gloves with lights attached to it.
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Remember cycling in the dark on your way to school (or work)? Still dozing a bit in the dark...it is wintertime, it is cold and you are wearing gloves.

Semi-consciously you follow your path, perhaps even signalling with your hand. But you do not register the oncoming car, moped, other bicycles.

To improve safety in such circumstances I would like to enhance [Lardybloke]'s idea of torch gloves into signalling gloves: as soon as you stretch your finger a minute switch detects the erect index finger and starts to illuminate an array of LED's on your finger and glove. The other traffic will detect a bright flashing signal. You continue to doze while other people react and move into safety...

For the more communicatevely challenged we can enhance the glove with a special middle vinger detection. As soon as the middlefinger is raised, all sorts of offensive patterns become visible on the glove.

And to imbed the product in the computer age: it has an infrared interface to your computer, so that you can download new patterns from the Internet.

spekkie, Nov 15 2002

Drivers sign language http://www.halfbake...s_20sign_20language
Similar idea, no lights. [phoenix, Oct 17 2004]


       You seem to be assuming that cyclists give signals. I honestly cannot remember the last time that I saw such. Pastry nonetheless.
angel, Nov 15 2002

       These would be great for Saturday Night Fever style dancing.   

       And for making points while arguing.
sild, Nov 15 2002


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