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Save your knuckles!

One size fits all knuckle protectors for the pointer and middle finger.
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Anyone who works on cars know about those bolts that have never been undone before. The ones that when you try to undo them and your arm is at some ungainly angle hidden behind something large and metal and you are torquing with all your strength when suddenly either one of two things happens:

(1) the bolt gives suddenly and the top layer of skin is peeled off in neat scrolls...then the little beads of blood appear on the really white surface or

(2) the top of the bolt shears off and as above.

Prevent this by slipping these handy (ha)protectors over the knuckles before picking up the socket wrench.

Hmmm...what are they made out of...teflon...why not...everything else is.

grackle, May 11 2001


       Actually, gloves aren't always great when working on machines and I need to use my finger-tips. I actually had the same complaint as grackle...then I realized that the gloves I use for bow hunting cover the knuckles and the back of the hand and leave the fingers free.... most hunting stores carry them (sorry if this is just a USA thing).
Susen, May 11 2001

       Unfortunately, I'm not as effective with a straight as I would like to be. I have a single cam that I'm pretty darn good with. I also have a recurve that I use too. I'm thinking of getting a dual cam bow. What do you use?
Susen, May 12 2001


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