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Riot Reduction Gear

Subdue with humor.
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If officers’ riot gear was made to look funny, very very funny, then protestors would fall over laughing at the sight. Having curled up into harmless fetal balls of hysterics, protestors would not need to be whipped into submission with rubber chickens.

Slightly less funny looking riot gear (the prototypes) would at least cause protestors to stop and stare.

The Ministry of Silly Walks will be consulted to develop a marching procedure.

Laughs Last, Jan 24 2004


       Reserve these trademarks: Krusty Kevlar, Bozo's Boppers and Ronald McDonald Gas Masks
1st2know, Jan 25 2004

       going the other direction you could make them look insane, or really really mad, or diseased....   

       oh sh*t they just let loose the riot Zombies !!!   


       Oh Fck they just let loose the riot leppers, ewww I think one touched me....ahhhhhhh !!!!!!
SystemAdmin, Jan 29 2004

       The more riots the merrier, I say. [+] Because I have to.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 29 2004

       Can we fit a good dozen of them into a squad car smaller than a volkswagon.. And give them pepper spray flowers... and steel toed silly boots...
ye_river_xiv, Apr 24 2007


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