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Talking Riot Control Grenade

A variation on Heinlein's 30-second bomb
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This is a CS-gas grenade that incorporates a timer, a very compact loudspeaker, and a motion detector (obviously, it's going to be maybe twice the size of a standard canister, but I'm sure we can find ways around that).

Upon deployment, the grenade announces something like "you have fifteen seconds to disperse... Do not touch me or I will explode... You have fourteen seconds to disperse..." etc. When it reaches zero, if the motion detector senses no movement within, say, 40 yards, the fuse is not activated and the grenade goes into 'safe mode', meaning both that the neighborhood is not saturated with CS gas and that the hardware can be recovered for later use.

Alterother, Aug 12 2011


       Too many guests at your house tonight?
normzone, Aug 12 2011

       Hardly, just thinking of the troubles our friends across the pond are having right now.   

       Pff, like I ever have guests.
Alterother, Aug 12 2011

       A big crowd needs lots of these. Give each a different voice?
doanviettrung, Aug 12 2011

       Yes! Accents. Perhaps right-leaning celebrities can be persuaded to add their dulcet ts to this product. Similarly, you could have a talking truncheon that emits either a cockney "Wallop!" or an RP "Terribly sorry about this old chap", depending on how the burly bobby wielding is feeling.
calum, Aug 12 2011

       and fart noises.
FlyingToaster, Aug 12 2011

       What do you do if someone teaches the bomb phenomenology ?
8th of 7, Aug 12 2011

       I blow them up.
Alterother, Aug 13 2011

       Install them just above shopkeeper's security doors and windows. As soon as a rioter gives the door or window a swift kick 2 or 3 of these babies drop down. I'd name them "Yob-droppers".
AusCan531, Aug 13 2011

       That is a very good idea, and Alterorder Incorporated is prepared to offer you half of Vancouver Island in exchange for exclusive intellectual property rights. Not just for that one, either. All your ideas are belong to us.
Alterother, Aug 13 2011

       The surface half right? Actually I'd settle for 50 sq. Kms around Bowser and maybe throw in Mt Washington for the skiing.
AusCan531, Aug 13 2011

       Sold. It doesn't actually belong to us, anyway.
Alterother, Aug 13 2011


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