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River Dance Treadmill Guide Projector

Only slightly derivative, I assure you!
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A projector which clips onto the handlebars of a treadmill, projecting the proper foot placement for various dances one might wish to learn onto the running/walking surface. This comes in two version, the Deluxe Edition and the Budget Friendly Edition. The BFE is just the projector, which pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi and a companion app. The Deluxe Edition is a whole treadmill, with a higher quality projector built in and onboard software that adjusts the treadmill speed optimally for changing dance tempos... and also pairs with a companion app on a smartphone or suitably specced computer.
21 Quest, Feb 21 2023


       Sure, why not.   

       Want to get really into it have a clear treadmill with the feet positions projected from underneath.
doctorremulac3, Feb 21 2023


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