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Rocket Belt Drive

multi stage rocket belt
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Seems rocket belts have been in existence since at least the 60s -- if one doesn't count that unfortunate Chinese emperor with the rocket throne.

In any case, they work, but only for about 20 seconds or so. Cursed primarily by the curse of all rockets -- longer flight time requires more fuel which creates more weight which requires more fuel...

This problem was of course theoretically solved by Tsiolkovsky and then by Von Braunn and others. For whatever reason, it was never applied to the rocket belt -- but I see no reason why it couldn't.

In our contraption, the rocket belt continues as a long rocket tail, made of suitable lightweight canisters and a fuel line. As a canister's fuel is emptied the canister unlocks from the assembly, and thus the flying Rocketman who starts with a long tail, lands as a primate after a significantly longer flying experience

theircompetitor, Aug 03 2006


       Huh? This is either an umbilical cord, or some version of evolution.
ldischler, Aug 03 2006

       Just a fuel line with canisters on it. I imagine it looking something like a floating pool safetly line.
theircompetitor, Aug 03 2006

       Does it hang down below or float overhead? Either way, it won't work as described as "a long tail".   

       A multi-stage rocket is generally shaped like a pyramid or a cone. The first stage has more engines firing to lift all the other stages, then each stage has less engines as it has to lift less weight. Nowhere does a multi-stage rocket resemble a tail. The flying throne would be more apt as a shape.   

       BTW, multi-stage rockets are no longer the fashion. Single-stage-to-orbit is the goal, although most comtemporary rockets use boosters.
baconbrain, Aug 04 2006

       the goal, bacon, of the multistage is to reduce wait. Having sections of tail drop are adequate to that end. Conal design works for rockets but does not have to be used here
theircompetitor, Aug 04 2006

       Oh, I see now. I was confused by your use of "multi-stage". You are proposing a tail made of many fuel canisters, which drop off as they empty. Which has nothing to do with multi-stage engines, Tsiolkovsky or Von Braun, as I understand them. I went into brain-lock, there.   

       Seeing your goal now, I still don't like it. If the canisters are lightweight, there isn't much point in dropping them. Pumping the fuel up the line is going to take weight and energy, and the multiplicity of connectors are going to be a drag and a danger. One lightweight tank with gravity feed would be a lot lighter, I think.   

       Single stage with multiple tanks still keeps my fishbone. Sorry.
baconbrain, Aug 04 2006

       So what keeps this 'long tail' from incinerating the wearers legs?
jellydoughnut, Aug 04 2006

theircompetitor, Aug 04 2006

jellydoughnut, Aug 04 2006

       The flyer should assume the full lotus on takeoff.
bungston, Aug 04 2006


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