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Rocket SMG

Handheld weapon that fires rockets.
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Rockets, such as those mounted inside a tube under a helicopter or on a Katyusha truck, have proven to be much more powerful than conventionally fired shells of the same size. It is my belief that this ratio could be effectivly miniturized to provide an SMG size weapon capable of delievering a projectile with power similar to the 20mm round. Advantages over conventional firearms; smaller than standard rifles, but exhibiting familiar features such as magazines, stocks, barrels. The rockets themselves would be about 12mm in diameter, 10cm in length. Unlike a bullet, sabot, or shell, the range is longer and straighter, as the rocket tends to drop off suddenly rather than gradually arcing downwards. The speed would be greater than the standard NATO 3,000 feet per second, which when coupled with a higher mass would result in much higher impact power. Also, using kinetic or explosive warheads would allow one to at least take apart light armored vehicles and "soft" targets. God I hate that term. The rockets would be fired via an electric prong at the base of the chamber, after being fed from a magazine. The disadvantages; though automatic or semi-automatic, the rate of fire could not be very fast, as the barrel would tend to overheat. The large size of the rockets themselves would limit the reasonable amount one might fit in a magazine to 10 or less. The complicity of the loading mechanism, though spring motivated, would have to be fairly complicated (what is called a "closed-bolt system") without the use of recoil energy. One might also object to having to haul high explosives around. I would like to note that I detest all things military but I did feel I needed to get this idea out, not as a weapon but as a half baked idea.
notnuaT, Dec 16 2003

(?) Gyrojet Rocket Carbine http://www.hwth.com/guns/MBA_Gyrojet.htm
From my favorite site, "HWTH". [bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

M29 OICW airbursting 20mm round http://www.military..._051104_XM8,00.html
The XM8 comes with a a semi-autonomous, air-bursting 20mm grenade launcher which will do what you want. [cypherpunk, May 24 2006]

Gyrojet Inacuracy http://www.deathwind.com/cause.htm
Explanation of bizarre flight characteristics [5th Earth, May 24 2006]


       Baked (link). Remember the Bond film "You Only Live Twice"?
bungston, Dec 16 2003

       [bungston] what was in that link? I got down to the third photo and couldn't scroll anymore.
Klaatu, Dec 16 2003

       (One) of the advantages of missiles is that they are large, this decreases the drag/weight ratio they will not work quite as well when minurtized. Another thing is that they have lower acceleration, decreasing necesary weight. Thirdly, they have no need of heavy barrels (decreased weight).   

       To prevent over-heating of the barrel, you could make it very thin and have water betwean it and another tube. (or radiator)
my-nep, Jan 02 2004

       Baked, but they really suck unfortunately. The rockets have to accelerate and since they're much too small to be guided effectively they go all over the place. Gyroget carbines are... rather... imprecise. Also, since the rocket doesn't reach its maximum velocity for a second or so, the weapon's stopping power is at its worst at point blank range; where it is ironiclly most likely to be used and most desperately needed.
Madcat, Jan 06 2004

       Gyrojet inaccuracy was largely due to flawed manufacturing processes. Much of the original ammunition had partially blocked nozzles, which caused the bullets to spiral off course. [link]   

       Short range lack of power is known issue (maximum velocity is reached at 70 yards or so). The ammunition was also unusually sensitive to moisture, although that could be easily fixed. Personally I think rocket bullet concept is best used for sniper rifles (very long range, low sound levels and ultralow recoil, albeit at the expense of potential position-betraying contrails)
5th Earth, May 24 2006

       Oh, we've got that in halo, the human sniper rifle leaves behind a smokey contrail. It definitely gives away your position. Sometimes if you aren't facing the sniper, and he headshots you in one shot, without firing any other shots, the hearing mechanism in halo makes it silent (so you never know where it came from) and the contrail does not appear. I think it might either be a bug, lag, or caused on purpose.
EvilPickels, May 25 2006


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