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Rodent City Surveys

City Mapping with Rats
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Apparently in most cities you are never more than 9 metres away from a rat. Lets use this to our advantage and round them up, strap mini cameras fitted with wireless capability to their heads and release them into the city. We may have to employ some kind of rehabilitated pied piper guy (who no longer wants to lead children into his cave) to do the rounding up, but think of the additional zoom features on google earth!
wongmeister, Feb 17 2006

Ratcam ratcam
[Shz, Feb 17 2006]


       You could see how many rats at any given time are being carried up into trees by hawks/owls.
phundug, Feb 17 2006

       aside from the astounding statistical ecological implications they would also add new "community" pins/places of interest to the map like dead pidgeon, half eaten kebabs, etc
wongmeister, Feb 17 2006

       hmmn. I bun from me, but only for the category.
neilp, Feb 17 2006

       Thanks, neilp. I didn't notice it until I read your anno, and then I laughed out loud (well, actually it was quite quietly, but not much gets me to laugh).   

       I think this is a good idea. I'm sure that there are some good puns buried in it as well.
dbmag9, Feb 17 2006

       Wouldn't the buying of all those GPSs be a drain on resources?   

       BTW, Did you read the Pied Pipers ex-wife's allegations about his behaviour with children? He's says he's gonna sewer!
Minimal, Feb 20 2006


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