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Rogue Wave Alarm

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Simply a put, a few lasers shining out onto the horizon, which let off an alarm whenever they hit something. Sort of like the laser alarms in a banks vault. They should not hit anything, as they will be shining well above the water line. This will be located on a tower, with a leveling system to prevent the ships rocking from forcing the lasers to contact the waterline. The lasers will always be level with the earth.

Possible problem: birds flying in front of the laser.

I just watched a show on the History channel about Rogue waves, and they seem very real considering all the sources and incidents.

EvilPickels, Jan 14 2010


       They're real enough. The problem you will have is that your system will only detect such waves as they cross the true horizon - depending on how tall your vessel is, that will vary a lot. And then you have to confirm if it's a real alarm, and then maneuver out of the way - no easy task for a big vessel, and if you react to every alert as real you would potentially waste a lot of time and fuel.   

       Satellite imaging or expendable buoy networks might be better.
8th of 7, Jan 14 2010

       With suitable modulation of the beam, and a sensor to detect the reflected light, you might be able to measure the distance to the rogue wave too.
Wrongfellow, Jan 14 2010

       Wave radar; or just Wadar
DenholmRicshaw, Jan 14 2010

       //Wadar// havoc for anyone who can't pwonounce their "r"s.
DrWorm, Jan 14 2010

       These lasers would be mounted on land, not boats. A laser beam can't set off an alarm unless there's a sensor at the far end. Birds though could be ignored because interuption would be momentary vs. Sustained. I bun ya.
Mustardface, Jan 15 2010

       I'm with [8th of 7], I'm not convinced these happen often enough to be worth the expense, one of his systems seems more reasonable.
Germanicus, Jan 15 2010

       "Watch out; that rogue is waving at us again!"
pertinax, Jan 16 2010

       I googled wave but am still none the wiser.
Incidentally, I thought that people were installing early warning sensors on the sea bed in strategic locations for just this sort of thing.
gnomethang, Jan 17 2010

       How about a Rouge Wave Alarm for detecting over- friendly Communists?
Aristotle, Jan 17 2010

       As long as Sarah Palin isn't attached to it, I'd buy it ;-)
blissmiss, Jan 17 2010

       I suppose the laser tracker could detect the relative positions of hand, elbow and smile. Trigonometric algorithms compute a score based on velocity and seperation, with HM the Q as a fixed reference. If the score deviates more than a set amount, a klaxon sounds.
pocmloc, Jan 17 2010


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