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Role Playing Ad

Interactive Direct Mail Ad Compaign
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In the world of email and phones, a good direct mail ad campaign has a certain cool, physical touch. But people don't talk about junk mail.

Enter Role Playing Ads. Named for RPGs (role playing games) with sort of simple logical puzzles.

Have 6-12 different mailings that are sent randomly to houses, so that most neighbors will get different mailings. Make it a game that encourages neighbors to talk to each other.

Of course should have nice graphics and better story, but here's a basic example:

All Mailings Solve our mystery by asking your neighbors! Buy our coffee cups! Go online with the right answers to get 30% off! Which coffee cups does Adam have?

Only on Mailing 1 Scott stole John's coffee cup!

Only on Mailing 2 John has a blue coffee cup.

Only on Mailing 3 Adam has a red coffee cup.

Only on Mailing 4 Adam stole John's coffee cup.

Online: Talk to you neighbors for the answers to our mystery. Adam's coffee cups are: [text entry]

For small scale campaigns where people won't be able to search for the answer online.

Bcrosby, Aug 27 2008

Yaquina Head Lighthouse http://farm3.static..._e23dc81b88.jpg?v=0
[normzone, Aug 28 2008]


       Breakfast theater?
normzone, Aug 27 2008

       Ideal for rural English villages infested with curtain-twitching old ladies ...   

       "Colonel Prothero was stabbed with an Oriental dagger of curious design ......."   

       "Mrs Protheroe is having an affair with the Vicar..... "   

       "The Vicar's wife is a Lesbian....."   

       "The Policeman has a secret gay relationship with the Postman....."   

       Add a Reality TV crew and you're on a winner. [+]
8th of 7, Aug 27 2008

       Sounds complicated, and I already have a dozen coffee cups anyway.
johnbakersmon, Aug 27 2008

       Ah, but do **your** coffee mugs have a picture of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse?
Bcrosby, Aug 28 2008

       noo, but they should....hmmm I see you point now
johnbakersmon, Aug 28 2008

       You are standing in a field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
There is a mailbox here. It is your mailbox...
4whom, Aug 28 2008

       They've boarded up the White House? About time.
normzone, Aug 28 2008

       How is this role playing? it's just a logic puzzle about coffee cups.
ModernDivo, Aug 29 2008


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