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Sticky Note Trivial Pursuit

Keeping your company name on the client's secretary's desk.
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This is an advertising gimmick.

You create sticky note pads with each page printed on the front with a different “Trivial Pursuit” type of question with the 4 or 5 option answers and a little check box.. The answer to the question is on the back of the sheet. Of course, at the bottom of the sheet is your company’s logo and short ad message. These would be given away by your sales rep on his regular visits to clients. I guarantee these note pads would be used above any others and they would be used rather quickly.

The reasoning behind this sales gimmick is that when I was a sales rep, I found out the best way to get in to see the busy client was to break the ice with the receptionist or the secretary. I always tried to have some give-away gimmicks to impress them, like lighted key chains, novelty pens and pencils, desk ornaments, etc. I think they would enjoy receiving these little “ice breakers” and end up looking forward to your visits. For sure, your log would be there on their desk for your completion to see. Nothing shakes up the “other guy” like seeing your stuff all over the potential client’s office.

Altoidain, Oct 09 2014


       Talk to the people who make “Trivial Pursuit”. Their sales are likely in slow down spiral by now.   

       As long as your not flogging "lamb poisons" or something else politically uncool, they would likely give you a restricted copyright free or cheap.   

       They would not want you to make a competing game. It would be advertising for them of a sort.
popbottle, Oct 09 2014


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