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Roll door appliances

For limited space kitchens.
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Why does the fridge door have to open out? The oven door down? In a small kithcen it means you have to step out of the way to get into the appliance.

Roller doors. They slide into the side of the fridge or stove instead of hinging out. The insulation technology must be up to this challenge by now.

Added benefit, no longer necessary to open them all the way to get things in or out. Frequent use fridge items go near the opening. Downside: no egg holder on the door. A lot easier to clean the oven too.

rbl, Feb 22 2002


       I think it's hard to make a rolling seal like that airtight...Not to mention, the constant flexing would wear down the rubber between the moving pieces.   

       Might be possible to make a solid rubber sheet do it...Added advantage of being able to put a window in or make it completely clear, so you can see if you're out of milk...<This based on seeing heavy rubber flap-doors in stores...>
StarChaser, Feb 22 2002

       Cabinets don't generally have to contain several hundred degrees of heat, or keep cold in.
StarChaser, Feb 22 2002

       What do kitchen cabinets have to do with this?   

       rbl, are you thinking of doors like the ones you find on entertainment centers that swing open and then slide into a recess on either side? This makes some sense for dishwashers and ovens, less so for a refrigerator as it is usually open very briefly (it would be cool for cleaning the fridge, or oven, as you point out).
bristolz, Feb 22 2002

       [bris]: I think [rbl]'s talking about a roll-top-desk type of opening where the door wraps around a roller. Warehouse-type roller-shutter doors work like this as well.
angel, Feb 22 2002

       I'm pretty negotiable on this. My first thought was doors that roll up as they close, like an old desk but sideways, granted the seal would be difficult to work out. For the oven the type of door like on a stereo unit that somohow hinges into the side of the oven.   

       Motivation: Hate it when you go to rent an apartment (or flat if you prefer) and they think a hotplate and a bar fridge constitute "appliances".   

       This all occurred to me while trying to get the burnt cheese out of theoven :-(
rbl, Feb 22 2002

       Nice idea. I like the thinking behind it. Small problem: cleaning the inside of the doors (or cleaning the inside space covered by the door when it is open). Maybe that doesn't matter much, but the design should include easy removal of the door roll for cleaning.
quarterbaker, Feb 22 2002

       How about tubular appliances (or appliances with rounded faces) where the door(s):
1) slide around the side, or
2) slide in (like pocket doors?
phoenix, Feb 22 2002

       I cannot imagine any problem with this concept that could not be overcome with just a little engineering.
seal, Feb 22 2002


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