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Just a rolling robot, but better?
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It's a ball, and inside the ball there's...ok, umm,

The inside of the ball is lined with wheels, which are on rotating platforms. Those wheels hold another ball. That ball is heavy on the bottom but not the top.

With some kind of power not yet devised by me, the rotating platforms angle the wheels, which turn and move the inner ball, which, like a hamster-wheel, moves the whole thing.

TahuNuva, Jan 25 2008

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6 years later Rolling Snakebot
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       Seen "The Prisoner" lately?
MisterQED, Jan 25 2008

       [MisterQED], no. never heard of it.   

       [UnaBubba], come to think of it, we kinda did. But I actually thought of this before I saw that. I just forgot for a while, and when I posted it I didn't remember the fishbowl.   

       This is a little different, as a fish is very small. I just thought of it and said, "Hey, I think that should go on HalfBakery."
TahuNuva, Jan 26 2008


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