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Robotic Wheel System

Another electric wheel idea.
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This is an idea for an electric drive system which would have permanent magnets in each wheel, and electromagnets in fenders around the wheels.

There would be at least 3 electromagnets around each wheel (probably more like 7), which can change polarity and magnetic force. Each wheel would have 4 magnetic poles (2 north, 2 south at opposite radii).

The electromagnets in front of and behind the wheels would mostly make the robot move, and possibly allow for some regenerative braking. The electromagnets above the wheels would help drive them and also act as suspension, and would be able to make the robot raise or lower.

This drive system probably wouldn't be quite as efficient when compared to normal electric motors and wheels, but with regenerative braking it would be close.

BJS, Mar 30 2007

Electric wheel system diagram http://www.putfile....pic.php?img=5104540
I drew this for a car before I changed the idea to be for a robot. [BJS, Mar 30 2007, last modified Apr 01 2007]

Electric Tires Electric_20Tires
Very similar to this idea. [BJS, Mar 30 2007, last modified Mar 31 2007]

Magnetic Wheel Magnetic_20Wheel
I thought of it after reading this idea. [BJS, Mar 30 2007]

My version MaglevLA_20Wheel
[jhomrighaus, Mar 30 2007]

Levitating things http://www.hfml.sci...itation-movies.html
similar idea. [BJS, Mar 30 2007]


       I'm grappling with the last paragraph. Isn't there some sweet regenerative braking to be had with normal electric motors?
Texticle, Apr 01 2007


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