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Roller Coaster Skating

A roller coaster type affair with ice instead of rails
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1- Kind of like a luge for skaters as far as being gravity driven and having twists, turns and banks. The big difference would be the aerial sections.

2- Aerial sections: big gaps in the ice track that the skaters will jump over, perhaps vaulted by the ski jump style upward slope on the preceding section. Flames, explosions and fireworks punctuate the jumps adding a bit of flair to the performance. Flares could be launched too.

This would be for men only since I wouldn't like seeing beautiful women subjected to such danger.

doctorremulac3, Feb 22 2014

Red Bull Crashed Ice http://www.redbullcrashedice.com/en_US
Ice cross downhill skate racing with jumps. [baconbrain, Mar 01 2014]

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       But what about Ronda Rousey? And what about Naomi?
normzone, Feb 22 2014

       //This would be for men only since I wouldn't like seeing beautiful women subjected to such danger.//   

       Hey! Everybody over here! This is going to be interesting.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2014

       I think you're on thin ice Doc.
AusCan531, Feb 27 2014

       I'm sort of seeing this from the Doc's perspective, men are basically expendable...or behave as if they are....jackass et al...
not_morrison_rm, Mar 01 2014


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