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Skateboard Wings

because I am the antichrist
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The International Skateboarding Federation should pool their resources and pay to me one day of full access to the Alexander Shulgin Laboratory-library, so that I may teach them to build small wings for skateboarders, not so that they may fight each other with drones and flapping machine gun blossoms in the air, but so that they may do more excellent tricks, for the sake of awesomeness, because i am the Antichrist. And I will throw in to the deal Hillary Clinton for president, a win win for Donald Trump, an international womens festival in Austrailia, the nipple of the world, staring Cher and a progression of all of the chicks in the world in order of hotness starting with me, a white power meets black power peace rally in the nations capitol, world peace, human powered flapping flight, a solution to global warming in the form of a valve of a flapping orgy in the sky above austrailia over the, new austrailian sea, which will be a research foundation for the Shulgin lab, to fuel the everlasting nippling of our planet though and orgy with all the chicks in the world, a trans economy sex club military facility to keep all of the testostorone fueled male energy outside the boundary of austrailia where i will reign in everylasting orgy high in the sky in perfect weather with only a fine irridescent misting of shulgin engineered water droplets to run its silky fingers over our extended lung surface which will constitute the nipple, an immigration/wall at the beach of austrailia where men can earn their way into the trans sex club economy which will develop there, by performing feats of femininity, a world-girding infrastructure project led by donald trump called trump university 2 that is based at the martin luther king jr memorial library in washington dc and centers the project in an entrepreneurial program of people with disabilities who will start their own businesses advising companies on their accessibility as it pertains to the giant infrastructure project run by donald trump, from the martin luther king library to anchor the maleness on the planet so that it can balance out the femaleness which will be and the other side of the world, high above the new austrailian sea, in the air, JesusHChrist fucking all of the hot chicks in the world, in order, at the same time, forever, laughing and crying and making up funny jokes to entertain his orgy mates, at the expense of Donald Trumps cabinet, which will be made up of the various characters on the half bakery, including whatever positions you want figure it out yourselves, and maybe some more stuff if I can get a little vacation here and do some more good drugs that taste like oarnge and honey and cocacola all mixed together. alriots,
JesusHChrist, Dec 12 2016

Duck Tape http://www.dealgeni...s8dACFU6BfgodkF4PLw
A man, a plan, a brand = big bucks. [doctorremulac3, Dec 13 2016]


       Y'know... I've liked a lot of your ideas over the years, but, dude, you gotta let it go.   

       I just sent this to the International Skateboarding Federation, lets see what happens.
JesusHChrist, Dec 12 2016

       wait, did i misunderstand the purpose of this website? i thought this was a forum for anonymous free writing inspired by drug trips. thats what your name says.
JesusHChrist, Dec 12 2016

       Shades of [travbm] almost ... I think [fries] sums it up.
normzone, Dec 12 2016

whatrock, Dec 12 2016

       Density fade 3D printed materials to build a human body that will live forever.
JesusHChrist, Dec 12 2016

       With duck tape
JesusHChrist, Dec 12 2016

       You can do it with clay and care and spit like the golem. just hold it gently for a long time and spit in it alot and let it dry and then spit in it again and when you get the consistency totally even then start to density fade it by allowing you hands to bring it to life. it happens through modeling your hands in the clay exactly when its at an even consistency and then you can nurture and coddle it to life and it will love you and be you but if there is injustice will try to stamp it out.   

       The golem stuff I found online seemed to miss that the golem myths are instructions.
JesusHChrist, Dec 12 2016

       Are you ok bro? In the past I've gotten drunk and posted ideas here too so if that's the case no biggie, but I'm concerned if you're not. And if you're doing drugs you're engaging in self destructive behavior which would not be good. This looks very drug induced.   

       Your friends here at the HB want you to take care of yourself. Well, I do anyway.   

       If you're just trying to be goofy and having fun, then disregard.
doctorremulac3, Dec 12 2016

       //Your friends here at the HB want you to take care of yourself. Well, I do anyway. //   

       Yep, me too. Even me - which means things must be bad.   

       However, in the meantime me and a couple of buddies have a sweepstake on what the actual problem is.   

       Also sp.: duct tape (it's for taping ducts, not ducks, though I suppose it could be used for that too).
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 13 2016

       It can. And cats.
8th of 7, Dec 13 2016

       Although in one of the greatest stories of entrepreneurship ever, somebody got the idea to trademark the name "Duck Tape" and sell duct tape printed with various patterns for crafts. (see link)   

       There's not a hardware store, crafts store or general merchandise store that doesn't have a whole rack of this stuff for sale. I'm assuming sales are in the many millions a year. Living in a home with a couple of arts and crafts enthusiasts, I've probably spend a hundred bucks or more on this stuff.
doctorremulac3, Dec 13 2016

       // me and a couple of buddies have a sweepstake on what the actual problem is. //   

       OK, current odds are:   

       Trolling 7/1
Drugs 3/1
Alcohol 8/1
Drugs+alcohol 2/1
Bipolar (upside) 5/1
Bipolar (downside) 80/1
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 17 2016

       It's a wonder isn't it, the mind. All those sets of neurons gating what is logical, gating what is illogical and the floods of chemicals that have an emotional say, all combining to one (or maybe more) stream of consciousness.
wjt, Dec 17 2016


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