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Roller coaster power

Modified braking system to extract power
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i am talking about simple roller coaster which traverses sort of distorted U-shaped path. it acquires significant potential energy when it reaches highest point. when it moves down and acquires tremendous kinetic energy, after reaching the lowest point it continues to climb up to certain height and slow down the speed by application of brakes. exactly at this stage, below the rail, there will be a series of DC generators mounted. the arm attached to coaster lower portion would rub against roller portion of generators one by one to make them revolve & charge battery. simultaneously braking action would also be achieved for roller coaster.
vedarshi, Jun 02 2004


       Nope - sorry - roller coasters are only slowed down at the very end of the ride when stopping them is essential to stop a crash.   

       A good idea in a much as 'tie a generator to everyone's legs so when they walk they create power' is a good idea.   

       Realistically - no way. The amount of braking has to be alterable (in case something goes wrong). To cut a long story short ANYTHING THAT MOVES -- YEs! Let's attach a generator. In real life -- nope -- we need a better way of control.
britboy, Jun 02 2004

       [britboy]'safety first' should be our motto. the generators would only be in action prior to the existing braking system which would act as a backup & further enhance safety.
vedarshi, Jun 02 2004

       alas ! the quality of my dough last week on Sonic Power (similar to scream to energy converter)was very poor & it has already been thrown away.
vedarshi, Jun 02 2004

       I don't quite get the details, but in principle, this could just be yet another instance of regenerative braking, as used in hybrid (non-rollercoaster) cars today. It's not a generator, but it might save some fuel.
jutta, Jun 03 2004

       [jutta]can you please post a link for regenerative braking system !
vedarshi, Jun 03 2004

       [jutta] i myself got many links searched on the basis of your key words (regenerative braking) & discovered that it is a fully baked idea. thanks.
vedarshi, Jun 03 2004


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