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Rollerball II : Jonathan's Fate

For all who saw the 1975 original.
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Thanks to the miracle of DVD, a teen like me can check out where extreme sports started in movies. Like "Death Race 2000" and "Rollerball". I must say, the latter is a most excellent movie. But I was kinda dissapointed at the end when Jonathan won against New York in the finals. After a ovation-filled lap around the track, the movie ends. That sucks, dude. Does he beat Bartholomew at his game? Do the people get a little thing called democracy back? Is the system still the way it was? Was that the end of rollerball? Now, coming to a theater near you, Jonathan is now President of the United States and his son is a young rollerball star. But some people preferred the old world order. They will do anything to destroy democracy as we know it. All this and more in ROLLERBALL II : JONATHAN'S FATE!
HomerX, Oct 01 2002


       Wow. Enthusiastic.   

       [HomerX] this is not really the right idea for this site. The halfbakery is intended for original inventions whereas your plan here is for a sequel to an existing movie. Not that it's bad or anything but, rather, that it probably belongs on another site--one for movie ideas.
bristolz, Oct 01 2002

       what the hoot ' Enjoy'.
skinflaps, Oct 01 2002


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